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About Us

At Blue Sky Canine, we're committed to elevating the relationship between pets and humans. We believe that a well-trained dog not only brings peace into your life but also enhances the connection you share. Bridging the communication gap is crucial for reducing stress and fostering a deeper bond. Our science-based training methods prioritize clear communication, teaching dogs the meaning of "yes" and "no" with fairness and compassion. All of our trainers have been through formal schooling at The Michael Ellis School For Dog Training in Santa Rosa, CA and we continue to expand our knowledge within the field every year. Our specialties are; Basic and Advanced Obedience, Scent Detection, Puppy Development, and Leash Reactivity.

Meet Your Trainers

Austin Printz

Since he can remember, Austin has been able to connect well with dogs. Before officially dog training he would enjoy spending time teaching dogs commands whenever he had the chance. Little did he know there’s a whole lot of science and psychology that goes into dog training! Being a young entrepreneur at heart, Austin started a dog walking business when he was about 12 and it lasted about as long as any 12-year-old running a business would but it would serve as a bite size intro to where he has landed today! In 2010 Austin joined the Marine Corps. It was there where he learned the importance of humility, obedience, structure, and discipline. He just didn’t know it applies to dogs as well! Hah!

In 2020 Austin was introduced to the world of dog training via a dog trainer/mentor. He immediately loved it and the seed of passion was planted. Through formal dog training at The Michael Ellis School for dog trainers, hands on experience, books, research, and mentoring, Austin has learned a myriad of info on canine behavioral science and how to properly train dogs through science and decades of research within the field. He started Blue Sky Canine in late 2020 and his passion for helping families and their dogs has never been greater. 

Ryan Shupe

Growing up, Ryan always had a big heart. Helping and making a positive impact on people was important to him. He loved to play sports and compete throughout school.

As a young adult, he spent time at various different jobs and found the value in working hard and earning an honest living, but struggled to find something that he loved. In the fall of 2021 he had the realization that he needed to invest in something more meaningful to him.

After some conversations with Austin and time shadowing him, Ryan found his calling and took the leap into dog training! In early 2022, he went to The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers to get his certifications. He feels blessed for the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives by helping with their furry companions.


Jessica Merkowsky

Dogs have been a part of Jessica's life since her dad brought their first family dog home when she was seven years old. Even from a young age, she loved to "train" her puppies, dogs, ponies, and eventually horses. Her love for teaching and training evolved over time, changing shapes as life brought her different venues for growing what many called a natural gift. Jessica has a calming way about her training that nurtures confidence and security with her canine (and human!) clients.   

Jessica's professional training career began in 2016, when she started volunteering for Honor Service Dogs. It was with Honor that she was mentored by experienced trainers and experts in canine development. Here she developed her skills in training pups and dogs for a lifetime of service to special needs children, adults, and veterans . Puppy imprinting and training for therapy and service work was rewarding for both Jessica and her family. Seeing many pups leave her home to serve people around the United States brought a tremendous amount of purpose and joy. Alongside training these pups, she began working with local clients who needed help with a variety of behaviour challenges. Puppy development, behaviour training, immersion training, and behaviour modification clients grew to be a daily part of her life.   

In early 2022, Jessica decided to hone and expand her skills more by attending the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers. It was here she met Ryan and Austin from Blue Sky Canine. Sharing common dreams of training dogs and owners toward "happily ever after",  instantly established a friendship between them. Jessica was thrilled when asked to join the Blue Sky Canine team as they pursue meaningful client relationships with old-fashioned values of honesty and integrity . She is excited to bring her clients confidence through understanding and cultivate a harmonious companionship between you and your canine partner.

 Nevin Laskowsky

Growing up in Parker, CO Nevin has always had a passion for being active and enjoying the outdoors. Life took him to Dodge City, KS in 2011 and gave him a very different perspective from the city.

After High School, Nevin joined the Air Force and spent some time overseas travelling and working in many challenging environments. After the Air Force, he returned home and married his high school sweetheart Macy. Working in Sales and Landscaping and Irrigation, Nevin honed his interpersonal and tactile skills.

Seeing Austin and Ryan change lives and spread positivity while dog training motivated him to join the team and get certified. Nevin attended the Michael Ellis School For Dog Trainers in 2022 and will continue to learn more and help owners and their dogs live their best and fullest lives!